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Coconut Oil Hair Mask (3 Pack) by St. Tropica


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BENEFITS: For STRONGER, THICKER, LUSTROUS Hair! Instantly repairs hair damage from the inside-out Helps stimulate hair growth Revitalizes & strengthens dry or damaged hair Locks-in moisture to help eliminate split ends and frizzy hair ATTRIBUTES: PROVEN: Multiple Government-published studies: USA + Korea NATURAL: Zero Chemicals, Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, Gluten Free, Soy Free, with No Additives, Stabilizers, Preservatives or Fragrances ORGANIC: 100% of the ingredients are Certified USDA Organic CRUELTY FREE: Certified Cruelty-Free with no animal testing VEGAN: Certified Vegan with no animal-derived ingredients whatsoever HIGHEST possible score (#1 out of 10) on the Skin Deep Database PATENTED: Heating action in just 20 seconds SAFE: Microwave or kettle safe, BPA-Free packet YUMMY: Amazing unrefined tropical scent INGREDIENTS: organic virgin coconut oil, organic biotin, organic horsetail, organic amla, organic hibiscus, organic green tea, organic coconut butter, organic coconut fruit extract.

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